Отправьте СМС на номер 7522 со словом Шери с указанием суммы. Например: Шери 300


Where do you search for volunteers?

We public information about volunteers on our website, and social networks, also we turn to Russian Universities and Student Councils. Everyone can apply for volunteering at Sheredar on volunteers.sheredar.ru After filling in the Volunteer Questionnaire you will have an interview, either by phone or face-to-face.

What does one need to become Sheredar volunteer?

A great desire to work with children, ability and willingness to work in a team, creativity, initiativity, integrity, and dedication to volunteering. For more information, please, see Become a Volunteer.

How to participate in a rehabilitation programme?

You need to fill in a Participant Questionnaire and send it with other documents to Victoriya Sotnikova, our Manager of Children Enrollment in Sheredar Rehabilitation Programmes (vsotnikova@sheredar.ru) or to our e-mail info@sheredar.ru. For more information, please, see How to Get to Sheredar

How many days does the rehabilitation programme last?

From 7 to 9 days. For more information, please, see Previous Programmes, Messages from Children and Parents.