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Andrey Galiguzov

Hi! My name is Andrey, I'm 32. I took to running in 2009, but back then my runs weren't regular. I started training more seriously only last year, and my first half marathon was hard won. It was at that time that I set myself a goal to run a marathon. Nowadays I can't imagine my life without running. I also like travelling very much, but today the search for new travel destinations for me is more about finding routes which give an opportunity to either take part in official races or do trail running on my own. Why do I want to help "Sheredar" charity foundation? There is a wonderful French film "The Finishers" («De Toutes Nos Forces»), which tells a story about a disabled boy who can't move without a wheelchair. He feels that his family is unhappy and thinks that the reason for that is he himself. His father, a former athlete, stopped training because of work and family problems. The boy decides to persuade his father to start training again and take part in an Ironman Triathlon race in Nice, but this time together with him. He succeeds, and while preparing for the competition both the boy and his parents become much happier and find a higher purpose of life. This amazing film is based on thousands of stories all around the world when children with different diseases dream about living a full life and find it only when adults aren't indifferent and take their dreams seriously. Please help us help these children!

Collected: 2700 р.
Need: 29570 р.