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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about volunteership in “Sheredar”.

How old do I have to be to participate in the programme?

Candidates must be at least 19 years old by the beginning of the camp session. Please, before applying, make sure that you are a fit candidate for the program.

Are there any requirements to candidates for work in the camp?

We are looking for cheerful, active, creative, responsible and friendly people who will try to make the camp session as great for children as possible. All volunteers must have certificate of no criminal record and medical record card with admission to work with children. In some cases we can ask to provide   certificates which prove possession of specific skills (i.e. for the position of ropes course instructor and others). The general criterion of selection to all positions is provision of all necessary documents and passing of face-to-face and correspondence interviews.

What are medical requirements?

All measures to keep children’s health and security are taken at the rehabilitation programmes of “Sheredar” Foundation. All staff members and volunteers of the Foundation provide medical record cards with admission to work with children as leaders and masters.

How long will I stay at the camp?

Volunteers of rehabilitation programmes are staying at camp all the time during the training and the camp session. This period lasts 14-15 days.

I want to make an application to participate as volunteer in the camp session of “Sheredar”, but I can’t attend an obligatory training before the camp session. May I still participate in the camp session in this case?

No, you may not, because participation in the training is obligatory condition to participate in the camp session. If you are a student, but the training and the camp session are held during your study period, you have to get permission to be absent in all classes of this period. From the Foundation we will send a confirmation of your participation in the camp session to your university.

Where will I sleep, live and eat during the camp session?

The Foundation provides accommodation and meals in the camp to all volunteers. You will be lodged either in the building with children or in the separate building for volunteers. All rooms in the buildings are equipped with bathrooms. Also you will have the access to the camp laundry.

Will I get a salary?

Out volunteers don’t get a salary. However, free meals and accommodation are guaranteed to all volunteers.

What expenses do I pay by myself?

Volunteers pay themselves expenses concerning the travel from their town to Moscow and back.

What restrictions should I keep in mind?

We pick up volunteers relying on positive recommendations, absence of medical contraindications and of criminal records.
It is restricted to smoke, to drink alcohol and to use drugs directly in the territory of the camp. Breaking of these rules will lead to immediate removal from the camp session.

How to make an application?

It is necessary to fill in the application form.
Filling in the application form doesn’t guarantee that you will be invited to participate in the camp session. The decision is made for each candidate only after the interview.

Which stages should I pass to get an answer about my participation in the camp session?

First of all, volunteer should fill in the application form. After examining it, we schedule an interview to a candidate: face-to-face, if a candidate is within his reach, otherwise – correspondence, by Skype. If the interview’s result is positive, volunteer will come to the training which is held directly before each camp session. However, the participation in the training is not a guarantee of volunteer’s participation in the camp session: if we understand that by any reasons one or another volunteer isn’t ready to work with children on the camp session, he will leave the camp after the training.