Отправьте СМС на номер 7522 со словом Шери с указанием суммы. Например: Шери 300

Become Shery

(We call leaders “Shery”, from “Sheredar”)

The duties of Shery:

  • To help children in everything they do during day-time and night-time, to accompany them in all activities to provide their safety.

  • To assist in creating fun atmosphere, to “set the tone” to the campers – staff members and volunteers.

  • To help the campers in everything they do and, if required, to take measures to correct possible inappropriate behaviour.

  • To encourage and to give support to all staff members and also to make sure that the atmosphere in the camp is always physically and emotionally safe.

This position requires staying at the camp.You will be provided with accommodation and food. Volunteers must remain in the camp whilst camp is in session.

You may fill in Shery Questionnaire here

NOTE! The required age of candidates for volunteers to rehabilitation programmes (Shery and medical volunteers) is 19 years old and older.

The volunteers who participate in rehabilitation programmes must have the following documents:

  • Copy of the passport (pages with photo and address).

  • Medical record card (ORIGINAL)

  • Certificate of no criminal record (ORIGINAL)

  • Copy of the document on education (diploma) or original of the certificate from the dean’s office of place of study

  • Copy of the Insurance individual account number (SNILS)

  • Military record card (either registration certificate or certificate from military registration and enlistment office) – for men

  • Medical policy (ORIGINAL)

List of analyses and examinations the presence of which are obligatory in the medical record card:

1. Medical examination:

  • Psychiatrist

  • Narcologist

  • Dermatologist

  • Dentist

  • Gynaecologist + smear (for girls)

  • Professional pathologist

  • Roentgenophotography

  • Bacteriological analysis

  • Laboratory examinations of specialist in skin and venereal diseases: blood test on microreaction, smear on trichomonas and gonococcus, analysis on typhoid fever

  • Results of feces analysis on helminth eggs

2. Certification with the date till which staff member is certified and with the name of position (leader) + hologram image.