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An Award for People Who Change Lives

On 10th December Moskovskie Novosti presented in RIA Novosti multimedia press centre the New Intelligentsia award honoring those whose activity in 2013 changed life in our country for the better.
Michael Bandarev, the founder of Sheredar Charitable Foundation, was one of the favorites to win the Social Decisions nomination.
Thanks to internet voting, support of the like-minded persons and friends, the opinion of jury and Konstantin Khabenskyi (People's artist of Russia and the founder of a Charitable Foundation helping children with oncological and other serious brain diseases), Michael Bondarev was shortlisted for the award.
Igor Shpilperg, the director of the Our Sunny World Rehabilitation Centre for Persons Disabled Since Childhood, won the Social Decisions award. Michael Bondarev said that the real winners are the children who now have the possibility of rehabilitation in Our Sunny World, Sheredar and other centres.

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