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Two years with Sheredar

Birthday has been a sacred holiday for all of us since early childhood, it is a day when your closest friends and family gather together to celebrate with you.

But it is also a time for us to estimate the changes that have happened and think about the results of the year.

So, here is what Sheredar has achieved so far

In 2014 we have had three rehabilitation programmes - in Februrary, in May and in September-October, 130 children from 27 regions of Russia participated. In 2013 Sheredar had had 2 rehabilitation programmes for 60 children.

An amazing team of volunteers (both experienced and newcomers) has been working with our kids. This year 129 enthusiastic young people from various universities and NPOs took part in our volunteer training programm and we are THANKING  ALL OF YOU!

In 2014 Sheredar held its 5th Annual Interregional Conference with 39 specialists from medical and non-profit organizations. "Sheredar" Conferences are not just about exchanging experience but also about developing reabilitaion in Russia and it gives an opportunity to help as many kids as possible.

This year more new companies have supported us and have helped us with reabilitation programmes and construction of Sheredar Rahabilitation Centre, which is now almost over!

In a pure ecological site in Vladimirskaya oblast' on 150 000 m2 26 wooden houses ( 200 m2 each) are almost ready to welcome children, office building and dinig hall have been completed, lanes are ready and first trees have already been planted.

Our goals for 2015:

  • programmes: for siblings; for children 7-12, for teenagers 13-16;
  • official opening of Sheredar Rahabilitation Centre; moving programmes to a new site;
  • Annual Interregional Conference focusing on reabilitation from medical prospective, standards of children rehabilitation in Russia and ways of developing it;
  • joining SeriousFun Children's Network.

We won't be able to achieve those goals without your support. Please, come join us!

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